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Hello and welcome to Guardians of Ashla guildportal website! Here is some general information about the guild, its function within SWTOR community, and what we are looking for in a member.

Our mission statement. To provide a fun, stress free environment for gaming. This at its core is our chief function. While we understand the value of digital time investments, we do not wish to create and environment that is dominated and controlled by the need to force a strict work like gaming session. We felt and feel that our time spent within a digital universe should primarily be for recreation and relaxation. This being said we have zero tolerance for disruptive or abusive players.(see code of conduct).

Our current goal is to maintain an active roster of around 20 players. This is to be 20 individuals not including alts, and there is no restriction on alts within the guild. We do this so that our numbers are not so swollen that players begin to feel like a number and not an individual but also it allows us to do raids and events while maintaining the numbers needed for such things. As we develop and grow we will add schedules and such as needed. We welcome any and all who wish to share in the fun and excitement that is Star Wars the Old Republic.

If you are looking for a smaller but active guild and are looking for some enjoyment and companionship while playing SWTOR please contact us or fill out an application!

Please note that this guild is a Republic Alt guild for Deathmar's Blood on Lord Ieldis
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